About Growgraphs

About Growgraphs
Our team at Growgraphs is eager to collaborate with you and take your product to the next level of success
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Kerala’s #1 Marketing Agency with Proven ROI

Grow Your Business with Growgraphs

Our founders, Grace P. Johns and Brigin George Philip, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With Grace’s extensive background as a business consultant and marketing strategist, she has been instrumental in aiding numerous emerging startups with content creation, ideation, and marketing strategies over the past five years. Brigin, once at the helm of Insibe Business Solutions in Kerala’s Infopark Kakkanad, now guides as our creative head. His focus is largely on graphic designing and video editing being the backbone of our company in its entrepreneurial journey.

Our Story:
When we embarked on our journey, we prioritized organic growth. Our pioneering initiative, the “100 Days 100K Challenge,” executed through organic marketing campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, garnered an astounding 2 million views on Instagram and propelled our Instagram page, GrowGraphs, to 16,000 followers within just 2 months.

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“ Because We’re the Best ”

Growgraphs stands out as the forefront growth marketing company, pioneering result-driven strategies and pioneering growth tactics. That's why we confidently consider ourselves to be the best in digital marketing, delivering unparalleled growth and results.

Our Mission

Our mission at GrowGraphs is to be Kerala’s forefront growth marketing company, dedicated to pioneering strategies that prioritize long-term growth. We aim to consistently deliver unparalleled marketing solutions, anchored in rapid experimentation and unwavering client dedication. Upholding 100% transparency and confidentiality, we strive to provide bespoke strategies tailored to each client, ensuring their success in every venture.


To revolutionize the marketing landscape by empowering businesses with innovative, result-driven strategies for sustained growth. We envision a future where every collaboration fosters enduring success, guided by transparency and a commitment to excellence.

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At GrowGraphs, our hunger for delivering digital excellence sets us apart and drives us towards achieving our goals with excellence.
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Meet Our Leaders

Inspiring leadership has fueled our hunger for success and propelled Growgraphs to continual improvement.Under their guidance, we continue to innovate and strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations.

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We specialize in helping companies achieve their financial and branding objectives. Over time, we’ve partnered with numerous established companies and emerging startups. Our focus is on empowering ambitious businesses like yours to boost profits by enhancing awareness, branding, marketing strategies, website development, app creation, and overall sales growth.

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